Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day one

I haven't figured out yet whether this is going to be a really short post, because I'm exhausted and have only barely begun to process what I took in today, or whether it's going to be really long, because I'm tired and likely to ramble.

First up, wow - I've never had a real induction before. I mean, we were there for 7.5 hours and I still know very little about my job - most of it was about the team, and that's so cool - that there is actually a team that is that big and that important and that interesting that they can spend a whole day just talking about it.

One of the overriding themes of the day was this idea that because the whole 200-plus staff team is new* they're hoping to take the opportunity to get us all working together in a different way - or rather, in the way that most good managers want their teams to work, but have difficulty achieving. I can relate to that - the CEO at my last employer had oodles of vision and energy, but there were limits to how much cultural change he could effect given there was so much history in the way that people related to each other. Here, they have the advantage of lack of history.

I'd been hearing a bunch of stuff about UNSW Library dropping their info literacy training, and I had been wondering about that - it turns out it's because all those resources are now being focused on research support rather than teaching support - thanks to the federal government and it's focus on the RQF as a funding model.

I don't think there's much more I can write just yet - I'm starting to head into babble land, so should probably give it up while I'm still relatively coherant. Tomorrow I'll find out my faculty assignment - something I've been waiting for with baited breath. Fingers crossed for me! (although I'd be perfectly happy with anything - I just want to know!)

*when I say "new", some of these people have been working in the library for a while in different roles, and some of these people have been working in this team for the last few months. We didn't start 200 staff today!

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