Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fresh meat

Sorry for the break folks - after attending many parties this year in honour of other people, last weekend (long weekend, thank you queenie) was taken up with my own birthday celebrations. Which, apart from one big night, I'll admit did consist mostly of allowing myself to spend a weekend on the couch, under a quilt and two cats, reading. Good weather for it too!

Anyway, tomorrow at the new job should be interesting. See, in our team of 9, 4 were previous employees who had been at the library for some time, just new to these positions, and then there were the 5 of us that all started on that innocent day back in April. In that time we've done lots of bonding, and I'll admit that there still is a bit of a newbies divide, but it is dissipating (I think). Having said that, all 5 of us starting at the same time was fantastic - it meant we could share our struggles and we, for some reason, trusted each other. So we've been like a little newbies club.

Oh, but tomorrow. We get a new staff member tomorrow! Apparently there were always meant to be 10 of us, and I'm not sure why they didn't start 6 of us at the same time, but regardless - fresh meat tomorrow! I probably shouldn't be talking about our new teammate that way, but hopefully she'll have a sense of humour and allow me some slack. I'm really looking forward to meeting her.

I'm really curious how her experience will be different from ours. We've spent the last two months defining these jobs, often fighting our superiors on the matter. We came into something that was only half formed, and we're not there yet, but we've made a lot of progress. It has, in some ways, been rewarding being able to change the nature of your work. So I wonder how the new newbie will feel.

Will she be as confused as we were? Will she develop relationships with us that are as strong as our internal ones? Will she feel left out? Will she feel cheated that she's not had as much input into the nature of the jobs as we did? Will she be delighted by the same things we are, and, um, not so delighted by the same things we are?

So far I have loved working in this team. They're not all my new best friends, but I feel I have a decent relationship, at least, with all of them and like most of them on a personal level. At the risk of sounding really pathetic, I was so chuffed that they arranged a cake and an afternoon tea and a singalong birthday celebration for me, cos I can't remember the last time someone at work made that kind of effort for me! The point of all this is that so far I like this team, and I'm looking forward to a new personality coming in.

So, new newbie, if you're reading this - welcome!

In other news (and just quickly), the next two days at work will be taken up with what looks like a rather full-on sales training. I'm looking forward to it - Librarians generally suck at selling (it's a generalisation - don't email me) so I'm looking forward to getting good. I hope I can keep up! I'll try and find time next weekend to tell you all about it, loyal readers.

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