Sunday, July 01, 2007

Following up, again, on that vision comment

I've just done a read over my blog, because one of my bosses asked to have a look at it and I figured I should check there was nothing incriminating in it before sending it to her. And I re-read the comments I was making about not having a grand vision to be working towards.

The good news is that situation is improving. I told my team leader about this, and he gave me a copy of the document that sat near the beginning of the whole restructure that started a few years ago. I had one of my "help students find stuff on the shelves" shifts on Thursday, and given that it's the last week of exams there was no one around, so I read the document.

At last - grand visions! It was fun. The document was a summary of all the staff consultations they held some time ago, where they presented three future models of the Library to staff and asked them for input. I liked the models - I think they were being overly optimistic about the rate of change that could be implemented, but I think one should be overly optimistic when creating vision.

What it gave me was a sense of what the potential of the Library is. The next thing I want to explore is how far along those models the senior managers feel we are.

Also, just so that I can add a second tag for Latvians, last weekend was Jani, the Latvian Midsummer celebrations. Oh golly - these people are so cool. It's as if there's some rule that if you get three or more Latvians together in a room they just break into song. Sometimes I felt I was in a musical, except that the songs didn't advance the plot at all - they were mostly about beer. I'm told that even the little kids were singing about beer.

After the official celebrations we ended up at the Hero of Waterloo pub in the Rocks, where there was, until our arrival, a lonely celtic band playing. Once we (a group of 12 Latvians and 3 pretend Latvians) arrived, there was almost constant folk dancing all night long. I LOVE dancing with these people - I did some preparation in the morning by watching YouTube video tutorials on how to polka.

I've agreed to go on a three day skiing trip with the Latvians. I'm not sure how my liver is going to hold up, I might have to exercise some self control.

Back to work. Our weekly meeting targets have been revised from 20 to 12, much more reasonable. It's still pretty full on - next week I have 7 meetings booked and it looks like a busy week to me, so it'll be interesting to see if I can increase those figures any without falling over. Perhaps if I can avoid getting sick, AGAIN, I'll have a better chance.

Oh, and in other good news - I'm finally able to do something a bit more in depth - I'm working with one of the research centres to develop a new collection in their area, which makes me feel like I'm developing a deeper relationship and offering them something new, and something of consequence. That should be cool!

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