Monday, August 06, 2007

Chapter three? Four? Five?

This is kind of awkward – how do I tell a blog audience that I’ve quit the job that the blog is about?

Ahem. Like that.

So, I’ve resigned from “the new job”. Simply put, I just wasn’t connecting with the role – I do believe that they have a great model, and I do think that the academics were starting to respond really well to it, so it really was just a simple “this aint for me” situation. I look forward to hearing of their successes as they continue this grand experiment.

But now the scary bit – I don’t have a new job lined up! I’ve always been a super conservative person when it comes to money – I’m safety net girl, and have an ingrained belief that I’m only one bad decision away from living on the streets. It’s patently untrue, of course, but it’s still there. I’ve never quit one job without having the next one lined up, until now.

What I really want to do is some temping in library land. I hear it’s what all the cool kids do. What I’m hoping is that it will give me exposure to a range of different environments, and people. I’m also feeling a little commitment-shy at the moment – not sure I’m ready to jump into another permanent position that might go awry, and I don’t want my resume to be dotted with quick resignations.

Gentle readers, if you will permit me, I’d like to change the topic of this blog. It’s now about my adventures in the world of library temping – maybe. I mean, if the right permanent position comes up, I’ll jump at it, and I do have some applications in, but I’m really targeting the temporary roles at the moment. I’m hoping to use this blog to talk about the great ideas I come into contact with, the things I learn from not only different environments but also from just doing this kind of work, and whether it’s really as challenging and interesting as some people say. Many people that I respect highly have done temping, and recommend it, so perhaps I can follow in their footsteps.

So, where to now? My last day at “the new job” is the 8th August and I’m giving myself two days of unemployment. I’d like to think that I’ll spend some time catching up on my professional reading, and making use of some of the great library collections around Sydney (Customs House Library looks like it has a pretty good management collection). And I’ll spend time doing things like cooking and doing the little odd jobs around my house. This is all assuming that I do have some period of unemployment, which may or may not happen. There are a number of very interesting opportunities that have already been suggested to me, so it may be that I'm jumping into a new role fairly soon, which has it's own excitement.

In the meantime, I think my hardest challenge is to not follow my nervousness into the first secure employment I'm offered. This is meant to be about me exploring and taking risks while I can, and I'll have to work quite hard to ensure I don't take the easy, safe road.

Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Ally!! I'm sure you'll find a job soon.


Gemma said...

WOW Alyson - good luck. What a big step - like you I am a safety-net type of girl. Am looking forward to hearing about all the exciting tempting jobs out there.

Cheers, Gemma

snail said...

Wow, I too, am a safety net Libratorr and applaud your courage. I've done the temping thing a few times and it's led to some great opportunities for permanent work. Likewise, I always feel like I'm one step away from being on the streets...gotta keep the job or I'll end up destitute. Yet I know it's not true.

I'm somewhat envious of temps, like my sister, who can take a week off when she chooses or a few days between contracts. Happy enough with what I do but like to think "what if..."

Looking forward to your tales of adventure :-)

Jill Stephens said...

Go Alyson !! I resigned from my job last October only to have the CEO convince me to stay. I admired his availability and willingness not to accept "my offer of resignation"...nearly a year down the track how do I feel about the decision? As me in person !

You have made the right decision and life is funny, cause another opportunity is peeking around the corner, it just hasn't showed you what it is yet !

It's not worth remaining in a job that is not quite suited to you, you may have been talked into it and now realise your skills lie elsewhere. Be wary in the next interview...and see what comes your way.

Best wishes with it all

Jill S

bibliophile said...

You are very brave to accept that the job is not for you and to move on. It is awful feeling stuck in a role that doesn't 'fit'. Good luck with the next step Alyson!

Alyson said...

Aw, shucks everyone! Thanks to all of you for your encouragement, I've had heaps of doubts over the last week, so it's great to know that not everyone I speak to thinks I've made a huge mistake!

I'm really curious who this strange person leaving me links to dating websites is...but hey, thanks for popping by nonetheless.