Sunday, August 19, 2007

How to read a paper

Howdy folks,

In responding to a reference inquiry at work the other day I came across this very nifty website put together by the lovely people at the BMJ (British Medical Journal) on how to read a paper. It may seem a bit off topic but it was so chock full of useful information I just couldn't help myself.

The website talks about what kind of things to look out for when reading mostly medical journal papers, but also others, and would be relevant for anyone hoping to write or review a paper. For the medical librarians out there, at the bottom there is a great plain English guide to using Medline through Ovid.

In other news I've just realised that the annual conference of the Special Libraries Association is on just two weeks before that of the American Libraries Association at which yours truly is presenting. Dare I go for two huge library conferences at once?

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