Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update on the new job


I love my new job.

I'm working in a nice environment, with lovely people. The perks are great (fresh fruit and an espresso machine), the other people that work there seem happy to be there, and, most of all, there's heaps of things that need to be improved, and it's achievable.

See, it's the last one that's the kicker. The rest is nice, but the last point makes me feel like I will have challenges, I'll meet those challenges, I'll learn things in the process, and I'll develop my career in this job. It makes me feel like there's somewhere to go.

But I'm afraid that I've picked up a head cold, and my writing is somewhat uninspired at the moment. I'm having a quiet weekend at home, and next week I've got two big library things: I'm representing the Sydney Crew at the ALIA NAC teleconference on Tuesday night, and then Wednesday night I'm attending (dare I say co-hosting) a showing of the new ABC series "The Librarians" at, would you believe it, the ABC Library! I think that is so cool, and I'm so looking forward to it.

And moving in three weeks!

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