Monday, January 28, 2008

Study girl

I've started studying again! I'm being terribly geeky about the whole thing, but it has been ages since I approached studying with this much enthusiasm.

See, my undergraduate degree was just the thing one does after school (hence why I did an arts degree). A couple of years later, my library degree was something that I had to do to start a new career. But this one - this is just because I want to.

So I've started an MBA. I've been hyperaware of the image of MBAs lately, due to my enrolment. Apparently we're all insanely capitalistic, rich, arrogant and have really dull parties. It could be that I'm basing my "literature review" on American teen movies, but that in turn is because of Heath's recent departure, and I just HAD to rewatch "10 Things I Hate About You" (sigh!).

Why do I never hear about people with MBAs who are running charities, or just using them to make their workplaces better? There aren't a huge amount of MBAs in library land (there are some), but surely libraries could benefit from the skills and knowledge taught in these courses?

Technically the course started one week ago, and being the nerd that I am I'm trying to stay a week ahead. I'm only doing one subject at a time, and my first subject is Organisational Behaviour. This is interesting because a) I'm already interested in psychology, and b) it's kinda cool seeing all those theories one develops just by dealing with people be either proved or disproved.

Next up I have an accounting subject, then there's a whole bunch of other subjects I'd like to do around strategic planning, international businesses, project management, leadership and communications management. Interestingly, Organisational Behaviour is a prerequisite for most of these, which shows the extent to which we now understand how much doing business is about people.

In other news, I've joined the newly created social club at MPOW, which has an impressive calendar of events including abseiling down the building in November! UNSW really could consider that, given their nice, tall library and all...

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