Monday, August 11, 2008

Way overdue post part 1: ALA Saturday

And so begins a series of posts relating to the ALA Annual in Anaheim (is that ALAAinA?) in June / July - apologies for the overdue-ness, but...y'know how it is. Most of these were at least written at the time.

I'm sure there were other things that happened on Saturday 28th June, but as far as I'm concerned there was only one thing - I presented a paper at ALA!

I think I've made it clear that it wasn't just me. Andrew and Fiona were my co-presenters, and if it weren't for Andrew making early overtures to NMRT, it wouldn't have happened. So when I say 'I' I don't mean to take credit, but rather to personalise the experience.

To be honest, the reality was quite prosaic. It's not like we were in a massive arena or anything - it was your usual nondescript hotel function room, and I'm a bit embarressed to admit that there were only about 30 people in the room. Kevin Dudeney and Jennefer Nicholson turned up to support the home team, which was great as the last time I'd seen Jennefer was in 2005 when she left ALIA, when I was working on NLS2006. I really appreciated the familiar faces.

The presentation went well. Loida warmed up the crows with a great overview of new grad movements around the world, giving the Aussies the credit we deserve for punching somewhat above our weight. Loida had obviously put a lot of work into her research, and it was great to hear about the range of activities occurring.

So we're up - Andrew, me, Fiona. I think we did well. I think I did well - certainly better than the last paper I presented which was quite wooden. I was more relaxed with this one, partly because I was more familiar with the content (last time I presented I was presenting on behalf of a writer who couldn't be there - while I was familiar with the topic I didn't write the words myself, and it showed, I think). And, really, I can talk about NLS for hours, so proud I am of the work we all did.

We had a couple of questions, which meant the audience was listening - always a plus! I'm sure they weren't offended that we snuck out before the NMRT membership meeting.

So - I've presented at ALA! Now it's time to update my resume...

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